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‚City Island, the „Cape Cod“ of New York‘ Webinar

2. März 2021//19:00 - 20:30

Fünfseenland Bayern Ammersee Starnberger See Hotel Kultur und Freizeitangebote, Tagungslocation und Events, bayerische Seen.
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New York Adventure Club | www.AdventureClub.com

Why schlep all the way to Massachusetts when you can get a taste of Cape Cod right here in New York City? It’s time for a virtual journey to a small island in the Bronx to uncover some of the greatest architectural, cultural, and culinary gems in all of the five boroughs.

Join New York Adventure Club as we explore the village of City Island, a small seaside community at the edge of New York City — located just beyond Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx — that was once the location of a thriving oyster business and boat-building industry.

Led by longtime City Island resident Barbara Burn Dolensek, this digital showcase of one of New York’s most unique communities will include:

  • The history of City Island, and how it has been home to everything from mulberry orchards, to oystering, to boat building
  • A look at City Island’s most notable and historic buildings, including rare photos of one of City Island’s most stunning private waterfront properties built by the second-in-command at Tammany Hall
  • City Island in film & television, and behind-the-scenes stories of their time on the island
  • What it’s like to live on City Island, and the difference between residents who are considered „clam diggers“ or „musselsuckers“

Afterward, we’ll have a Q&A with Barbara — any and all questions about City Island are welcomed and encouraged!

Can’t make it live? Don’t worry, you’ll have access to the full replay for one week!

See you there, virtually!

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„I loved the speaker and learning about the history of City Island.“ -Diane

„The presenter’s knowledge of the area was outstanding. She clearly loves CI and has opinions, but tried not to cloud too many facts.“ -Jean

„I was born and raised in the Bronx and visited City Island often. There was so much about the history that I did not know. It was so very interesting and enjoyable.“ -Angela

„I live near City island, but rarely go there. This webinar makes me want to go back and see some of the houses in the slides!“ -Nancy

„I’ve been curious about City Island ever since I heard the phrase „off the coast of the Bronx.“ This webinar is the now the foundation of my knowledge — and I’m on the hunt for more.“ -Peggy

„Enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter, well organized, great photos and images. Handled questions well. I had been curious about the island and the talk definitely made me want to visit!“ -David

„The history of City Island was so interesting.“ -Ann

„The speaker was well informed, truly a resident, and gave us the flavor as well as the facts“ -Arthur

„I liked the history. Pictures and the accompanying map so you knew where you were.“ -Kathleen

„How knowledgeable the moderator was. And I learned a lot about a place in ny that I really knew nothing about.“ -Carole

„I liked learning about the island’s role in movie making.“ -Diane

„Barbara was fantastic!“ -Liz

„Barbara was very knowledgeable and presented everything in a clear way with wonderful supporting photos.“ -Jan

„I liked learning about an area of our wonderful city that I can then share with friends/clients.“ -Sima

„Sweeping overview led by someone who is clearly an expert – so interesting and thorough – a lot of history with a real insider’s perspective. Truly enjoyable.“ -Mary

„Presenter was a wealth of information! She was very informative. She had good visuals and descriptions. I felt like I was walking through time! Seeing the map pins pointing the location of the photos was a great help!. The movie filming locations was a huge plus. Well done Barbara!“ -Leslie

„Very knowledgeable presenter with genuine warmth and regard for her subject. I could feel like i was walking City island with a friend“ -Hanora

„Host really knew her subject! Very informative. Good slides!“ -Nancy

„Barbara was a terrific host. I really enjoyed the fact that she lives on the island and in one of the historical sites as well.“ -Erik

„Couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable speaker! Can’t wait to visit.“ -Elizabeth

„Fascinating history from a local resident! I’ll definitely be taking a walking tour next year!“ -Bonnie

„It was extremely informative. I appreciated the historical photos paired with the photos of the locations currently. I appreciated Barbara’s knowledge of the history of the island.“ -Sherri

„I liked very much how Barbara narrated the history of City Island. As a child I spent time at City Island and her talk brought back many happy childhood memories.“ -Diana

„Barbara was authentic and gave a terrific historical overview of City Island. Thank you!“ -Susan

„I liked the very comprehensive treatment of an unusual part of NYC that is little known.“ -Robert

„Good speaker, the data was very interesting.“ -Warren

„Excellent presentation. The host was well informed since she lives on City Island. Great visuals.“ -Nancy

„Having been there frequently in the 90’s thought I knew everything. Nice to learn more.“ -Sonja

„I liked the detail and interesting narrative.“ -Michele

„I signed up because I wanted to have more info on City Island—it fulfilled my goal.“ -Vincentia

„Hearing the history, seeing old drawings and photographs and how the buildings look now.“ -MaryAnn

„Presenter was excellent!“ -Cynthia

„I liked the thorough history and Barbara was very knowledgeable.“ -Susan

„Barbara’s presentation was full of intriguing and well-organized information, both straightforward data and juicy inside dope, and supported by clear and useful visuals. She spoke clearly and comfortably, kept on track, and built trust for what she was saying.“ -David

„Excellent presenter!! She talked about both the history and current day City Island.“ -Carole


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