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COMMON FRIENDS. >>> Alte Utting

15. Juni 2024//13:00 - 22:59

Fünfseenland Bayern Ammersee Starnberger See Hotel Kultur und Freizeitangebote, Tagungslocation und Events, bayerische Seen.
Common Friends is a new party series that focuses on the people. Creating memories that will one day make you feel nostalgic.

Join us for the first event of our new common friends party series.

In the legendary Alte Utting, our 4 DJs are going to be your Captains.

Let us take you on a trip from Melodic Techno to in your Face Trance Tunes.

This Event will one day feel like a nostalgic polaroid memory.

–> Let’s dance together!

–> Let’s make memories!

–> Let’s be friends!

Our DJs:

Noah Kulaga

Indie Dance | House | Melodic Techno

In 2024, singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Noah Kulaga is taking the music scene by storm. Since signing with industry veteran Sailor & I, he has been working with some of the biggest artists and labels in electronic music and already reached hundreds of thousands of music lovers with his releases. Taking inspirations from a wide range of genres, his DJ sets are a tasteful fusion of emotionally charged, sometimes even melancholic melodies intertwined with energetic and uplifting beats.


Oriental Techno | House | Trance

Get ready to groove with kinniks: a DJ who got his start spinning tunes at the iconic Friedensengel in Munich and went on to host a series of raves in the English Garden. Inspired by his experiences living in different cities and absorbing diverse music styles, kinniks brings a unique flavor to the dance floor. From the pulsating beats of Oriental Techno to the infectious rhythms of House and the euphoric melodies of Trance, kinniks‘ sets are a fusion of cultures and sounds that’ll keep you dancing all night long.


House | Deep Tech | Acid Techno | Trance

Porscheschorsch has been making music all his life and learned to conjure up the right beats at a very early age. Today he regularly plays at Haus im Tal in Munich as one of the residents or at raves like the legendary Friedensengel Sessions in Munich. With his diverse range of electronic music, he knows how to catapult ravers into other spheres and make his listeners melt together in the rhythm of the night.


Acid House | Trance

Lukas a.k.a. OGilles is the newcomer of the group. He plays genre fluid somewhere between house, acid, trance and more. His sets are defined by dynamic and aesthetic melodies and sounds creating a unique atmosphere. After two successful performances at HiT Bar, he is looking forward to playing for you at the Common Friends Open Air. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.


15. Juni 2024
13:00 - 22:59


MS Utting on bridge Lagerhausstrasse
Lagerhausstraße 15
München, BY 81371 Germany



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