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‚Finding Her Way: The Rise of Women Artists in America‘ Webinar

8. März 2021//19:00 - 20:30

Fünfseenland Bayern Ammersee Starnberger See Hotel Kultur und Freizeitangebote, Tagungslocation und Events, bayerische Seen.
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New York Adventure Club | www.AdventureClub.com

Despite evident talent and success, most American women artists before 1945 worked in general obscurity, unable to clear the gender-based barriers that persisted across the country. So how did they find their way? This is the story behind those female artists and their paintings, which reveal what life was historically like for urban women in America.

Join New York Adventure Club as we embark on an art-centric journey surrounding American women artists working before 1945, a period of radical change for women.

Led by Rena Tobey, American Art Historian and Professor at NYU’s School for Professional Studies, our virtual showcase of these women painters — most of whom worked in NYC — will include:

  • An overview of women artists from the mid-19th century to the Great Depression, who collectively painted a picture of urban women’s lives
  • A discussion around the challenges women artists faced in a changing America, and how they navigated societal expectations of women’s domestic roles with their drive to be professionals
  • A close look at select paintings that tell the story of the difficult choices women artists had to make during this time period, such as the decision to sacrifice their personal lives for their art career
  • A conversation around how the perception of women artists evolved between 1850-1945

Afterward, we’ll have a Q&A with Rena — any and all questions about these artworks are welcomed and encouraged!

Can’t make it live? Don’t worry, you’ll have access to the full replay for one week!

See you there, virtually!

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About Rena

Rena Tobey is an American art historian whose passion centers on making art accessible, insightful, and fun. She conducts lively, interactive tours of museum collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New-York Historical Society, and the American Folk Art Museum. Rena’s research and writing centers on American women artists working before 1945, with particular interest in the challenges they faced in bucking societal norms.


„Very well organized, intelligently presented with an engaging and charming manner“ -Debra

„I liked the presenter’s passion and knowledge about subject. Very interesting topic. Excellent gripping presentation. Audience Interaction stimulating.“ -Katharine

„Informative & interesting. Very good speaker. An excellent teacher.“ -Ellen

„The subject matter is wonderful and Rena is a great teacher. I have taken classes/tours/lectures with her and am never disappointed. The best!“ -Elizabeth

„It was so well organized and presented, along with great information and charm“ -Joan

„Rena is wonderful lecturer. Fascinating detail and insight.“ -Patricia

„Just to say…Thank you! It was MOST enjoyable!! It was wonderful to have a change from TV & reading during this Stay at Home period. „It was a lovely walk thru history! Rena did a great presentation.“ -Kathleen

„This was just an excellent session. I learned so much, and look forward to look up more info on the artists.“ -Tayla

„Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic presentation. Loved that she brought context to discussion of the paintings, without being heavy-handed and applying today’s values and customs to prior times.“ -Pam

„Everything – so informative. Rene’s enthusiasm and knowledge enhanced the material.“ -Patricia

„Rena was amazing. So interesting and interactive. I was planning on just having it play in the background while I did other things, instead I got my research notebook and was taking so many notes. The wealth of knowledge. I am so energised now. I cannot wait for the next one. There are very few speakers so engaging.“ -Lora

„I watched many zoom presentations but yours are the best for especially audio presentations. some of the programs I have watched on other sites are so garbled it is difficult to understand. The speaker is excellent and no oh’s and ahh’s in her presentation. Look forward to more.“ -Joanna

„Everything—I had actually seen this topic before but Rena Tobey kept it fresh!“ -Joanna

„Rena’s energy, unique content, how she puts the art in perspective historically.“ -Jane


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