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15. März 2021//19:00 - 21:00

Fünfseenland Bayern Ammersee Starnberger See Hotel Kultur und Freizeitangebote, Tagungslocation und Events, bayerische Seen.

Hi, my name is Phillip

I want to invite you on a journey of self healing, personal growth, radical self love and transformation. You don’t have to be a spiritual person for this to work.

This service is open for everyone and runs solely based on donations.

GetHighOnYourOwnSupply is a combination of the Wimhof® method and holotropic® breathwork. I will guide you through a journey of 8 rounds in about 50 minutes.

Each and every round consists of

1. constant breathing
2. exhale & breath hold
3. inhale and breath hold

Every round will be longer and more intense than the previous round, but you can go at any pace and intensity you wish. I will prepare you for the journey and guide you throughout the whole time.

Breathwork means, to consciously breathe deeper and faster. While you breathe out CO², your blood more alkaline. This fights inflammation and helps to suppress chronic pain. You just focus on your breath and be present in the moment. Everything else will fall in place. This is an exercise of surrender and letting go. This is not a competition but finding out what feels right for you and working with your body chemistry. While you hold your breath, your body will release hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. You will come at ease and let everything go.

My dream is to share this practice with people from all over the world to unite and do something good.

Each and every journey is different. Some of you might expand their conciousness, find some emotional balance or deep inner peace.

Be aware, that while this exercise can provide a lot of health benefits, it is not a medical practice and I am not a medical practitioner. If you suffer from severe mental illness, have a history of epilepsy, high blood pressure, pregnancy, retinal detachment or a heart disease, you should seek medical advice first or just join to share your energy and be really gentle with the exercise.

See you on the other side,
❤ Phillip ❤


15. März 2021
19:00 - 21:00


Online event


Munich Labyrynsel

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