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Telepathy & Mind Reading

22. Februar 2021//09:00 - 10:00

Most of us have experienced transfer of thought in one form or another in our day-to-day lives. How many of us have thought about a person seconds before the phone rings, and that happens to be the actual person calling? Or had a vivid image of where your friend is although you had no way of knowing that at that time, and later confirmed that the location was correct? Thought transfer, or telepathy, happens when thoughts or sentiments we experience are transmitted via non-physical means from one person to another.
Learning telepathy for beginners involves three aspects: (1) understanding the phenomenon, (2) learning how to work with your own energies, and (3) identifying thought patterns and processes so you know when there is an “incoming” thought that was not generated by you.
Telepathy happens when the receiver reads thoughts and sentiments on the energies transmitted by someone else. Each of us has an energy body, or energosoma. When we think, feel emotions, or experience sentiments, that information is emitted with the energy. Thoughts and sentiments modulate the energies we emit.
In the example where the image or name of the caller pops in our head moments before the phone rings, we are receiving energies sent by the caller. It would be expected from the caller to think about you while dialing your number or waiting for the call to go through. By thinking about the person that is about to receive the call, the caller acts as a telepathy emitter.
Here Are Some Of The Telltale Signs That You Are A Telepath:
Do you often have the same thoughts at the same time as those you are close to?
Do you have a habit of voicing what others are thinking?
Are you skilled at helping those who are tongue-tied express what they want to say?
Are you fabulous at non-verbal communication?
Do you have a depth of understanding of others that most people don’t share?
Is it easy for you to influence or persuade others about your perspective?
Can you ‘read between the lines’ when someone is talking to you or telling a lie?
Is “I was just thinking that” a common phrase for you or people around you?
Can you tune into loved ones who are far away and instinctively know how they are?
In this workshop we will learn more about Telepathy and Mind Reading and do some fun exercises to develop this skill.


22. Februar 2021
09:00 - 10:00


Pasing, de


Munich Labyrynsel

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